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Distance Bodytalk Sessions

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Bodytalk works equally effective  long distance. as it does in-person.

I set up a time with the client wherever they are in the world, the session works just the same as if the client is in the same room with me. The client either phones or emails their current issues and concerns, then at the agreed set time I will send them a Bodytalk session.I then email info on their session.I answer any concerns or questions through email.

I am currently accepting new clients for distance Bodytalk sessions as I am building up my Distance Bodytalk session clinic.

More information.

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How Bodytalk can help you

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Bodytalk has amazing healing capabilities. Not only does it work on people and animals it can also work on businesses such as assisting in team dynamics,group matrixes and even presentations.

The Bodytalk system is beneficial for everyone .

Clients can visit for various concerns:

asthma, allergies,chronic fatigue, depression, learning disorders, migraines, joint pains, stress, relaxation.fears, phobias, fatigue,scarring, trauma, backache, maternity issues, fertility issues.

I am amazed and inspired everytime I work with a client as I really enjoy meeting people and assisting them on their journey back to health.

I am passionate about Bodytalk and inspired from the results clients get from the sessions.

How Bodytalk works

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During a Bodytalk sesion, the Bodytalk practitioner facilitates communication with the innate wisdom or natural healing ability of the body, by using biofeedback. Then the practitioner asks the innate a series of yes/no questions. It is the clients own innate wisdom that leads the practitioner to any imbalances within the body, accentuating any areas that are are not communicating properly or are out of balance with the rest of the body. The practitioner holds the areas that were highlighted by the biofeedback, then gently taps on the head and sternum or chest. By tapping on the head, it is alerting the brain to become aware and repair the communication link, tapping the sternum it is asking the whole body to store the  new information. This helps the body to return to balance, accelerate the healing process and preventing imbalances in those areas in the future.